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Open Academic Data Challenge 2018
2018-10-29 - Launch
2018-11-28 - Team Merger Deadline
2018-12-01 - Close
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In many applications, such as scientific literature management, character search, social network analysis, name disambiguation has been a challenging problem. The massive growth of scientific literature has made this problem more difficult and urgent. Although name disambiguation has been extensively studied in academia and industry, the problem has not been solved very well.


AMiner is a scholar-centered academic search and mining platform designed to provide users with semantic information extraction, topic-oriented expert search, authoritative organization search, topic discovery and trend analysis, topic-based social impact analysis, and research social relationship identification.  AMiner covers more than 200 million papers and more than 100 million scholars in various academic fields. The author's name disambiguation is a core function as well as a challenge of the Aminer.




This competition will provide datasets which contains a large number of challenging authors with the same name Aminer. The task of this competition is to identify which authors of the same name belong to the same person.



Open Academic Data Challenge 2018


1069 participants


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