Privacy Policy

As a science competition platform, Biendata is committed to protecting participants and other platform users’ privacy and personal information. The Privacy Policy describes the information that would be collected from the user, and how we protect the information.

What information will be collected?

We will collect the mandatory information for registration, includes email address, user ID, and real name. Please note that participants need to provide proof for their identities which are same with the information on our platform upon winning any prize.

We will also collect person information which is voluntarily provided by participants, such as their interests, tools, locations, and obtained degrees.

In addition, we also collect non-personal information from the users, include registration time, Internet Protocol addresses, and login time.

Information Usage

The information collected from competition participants is mainly used for anti-cheating functionalities. Currently, we are not using this information for user behavioral analysis or persona construction.

We are not transferring, nor licensing the information to any third party, for any purpose.

The server for is located in the United States of America. Therefore, data usage is under the country’s regulation.