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Short Video Understanding Challenge
2019-02-11 - Launch
2019-04-05 - Team Merger Deadline
2019-04-09 - Close
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Rule Acceptance



Important Notice


Thank you very much for your great effort to make this competition so successful. Due to the large and increasing inquires on testing models and conducting more experiments, especially from those found this competition lately, we are glad to announce that the competition will provide more submission chances in the last week.


In the final week, all teams can make submissions given that 1) daily submissions do not exceed a daily limit which is 10 times, 2) all submissions during the competition do not exceed the competition's total limit which is 105 times.


For example, from April 2 to April 7, each team can submit no more than 10 times, but the total submission during the whole competition cannot exceed 105 times.


Accordingly, we postpone the team merge deadline to UTC time April 5 23:59. Please note that teams can combine but have to meet two conditions:

1> There should be no more than 5 people in a combined team;

2>  On April 5, in a combined team, the total number of submissions made by all its members must not exceed 100 times. However, they can still make submissions after April 5, given that the total submissions from all team members do not exceed 105 times.


Please note that this is a no-exception rule. And if a team share their solutions to other teams, all teams' scores will be canceled.




1. All participants need to sign-up in the management system (Bytedance Employees are not allowed to participate in this competition);

2. Participants can form teams of up to 5 people. After the sign-up deadline, teams are no longer allowed to change its participants. However, different teams can still merge with each other;

3. Each team will have a name of up to 15 characters and a designated leader;

4. Each participant can only be in one team. Any participant who joins multiple teams by signing-up multiple accounts will be instantly disqualified;

5. Before the test set is published, teams are allowed to merge to one team of up to 5 people. Teams are not allowed to split;

6. Participants are allowed to use open-source code or tools. Any unpublished or unauthorized code or tools are prohibited;

7. Participants are only allowed to use the dataset provided by the contest; no other data is allowed to be used, however, pretrained and open sourced word vectors can be used;

8. Participating teams can update the validation set results during the course of the contest. Submissions are limited to 1 time per day per team. The management system will update the ranking of the teams in real time.



Important: Please be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your mailbox

Short Video Understanding Challenge


3711 participants


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