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Jan 10, 2019:  release the webpage of the competition.

Jan 30, 2019: release the training dataset and baseline code.

Feb 11, 2019: release test dataset and submission portal.

April 1, 2019:  deadline for new registrations.

23:59, April 5, 2019 (UTC TIME):  team merge deadline. On April 5, in a combined team, the total number of submissions made by all its members must not exceed 100 times. However, they can still make submissions after April 5, given that the total submissions from all team members do not exceed 105 times. Please refer to the 'important notice' on the RULES webpage.

April 7, 2019: deadline for the competition submission.  23:59, April 8, PST; 15:59, April 9, Beijing time;  

April 22, 2019:  release result, winning teams need to submit their model description.

Note:All times are UTC.





1. The total cash prize is $20,000.


Track One

  -Gold Medal (1st Place): 7,000 USD.

  -Silver Medal (2nd Place): 4,000 USD.

  -Bronze Medal (3rd Place): 3,000 USD.


Track Two

  -Gold Medal (1st Place): 3,000 USD.

  -Silver Medal (2nd Place): 2,000 USD.

  -Bronze Medal (3rd Place): 1,000 USD.


2. Other prizes:

(1) top 3 finalists on each track: cash prize + certificate.
(2) weekly champions: certificate + award gift.
(3) top 10 finalists for each track: certificate + chance of ‘green channel’ for a job interview to ByteDance.

Short Video Understanding Challenge


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