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The registration deadline for this competition has passed.




1. All participants need to sign-up in the management system, Participants in this competition are limited to full-time undergraduate students (undergraduate, master, doctor) and employees.


2. Participants are required to ensure that the information submitted at the time of registration is accurate and valid. All competition qualifications and bonus payments are subject to the submission information.


3. Participants can form teams of up to 5 people. After the sign-up deadline, teams are no longer allowed to change its participants. 


4. Each team must be assigned a captain. The name of the team should not exceed 15 characters. The name of the team must not be violated by Chinese laws and regulations or public order. Otherwise, the organizer may dismiss the team.


5. Each participant can only be in one team. Any participant who joins multiple teams by signing-up multiple accounts will be instantly disqualified;


6. Participants are allowed to use open-source code or tools. Any unpublished or unauthorized code or tools are prohibited;


7. All participants can use pretrained and open-source word embeddings, but are not allowed to use any additional academic data. If you need to use other non-labeled data, please ensure that the data is open source, free, and the data acquisition method will be released in the competition discussion area before May 20, 2019 July 10, 2019.


8. Participating teams can update the validation set results during the course of the contest. Submissions are limited to 1 times per day per team. The management system will update the ranking of the teams in real time.

CCKS 2019 Task 2 (Mandarin Text Data Only)


349 teams


Final Submissions