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Evaluation task release: April 20

Registration time: April 20 - July 10


Evaluation data release: July 20


Submit assessment results: July 25





The CCKS Committee set up bonuses and issued certificates for the top three of each task.

-Gold Medal (the 1st): 5,000 RMB.

-Silver Medal (the 2nd): 3,000 RMB.

-Bronze Medal (the 3rd): 2,000 RMB.


At the same time, the organizing committee will specially select the “Innovative Technology Award” (up to one per task, bonus: 5000 RMB) for different tasks, which is specially used to encourage the use of innovative technologies.


Students from the top10 teams will be provided VIP channels for Baidu campus recruitment. 

CCKS 2019 Task 2 (Mandarin Text Data Only)


349 teams


Final Submissions