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Rule Acceptance





1. 1. All participants need to sign-up in the management system.

2. Participants can form teams of up to 8 people. Each team will have a name of up to 15 characters and a designated leader.


3. Privately sharing the code or other information related to competition between different teams is prohibited. Please share your code, thought and other information on the discussion board or Models site of the competition platform.


4. Sharing and downloading the competition dataset outside the competition platform is prohibited, teams involved will be disqualified.

5. Each participant can only be in one team. Any participant who joins multiple teams by signing-up multiple accounts or privately sharing with other teams will be instantly disqualified.

6. Teams are allowed to merge before the team merger deadline. Teams are not allowed to split or be disbanded. In a combined team, the total number of submissions made by all its members must not exceed the limit. To calculate this limit, please count the number of days starting from the competition launch date to when this new team is formed and multiply it by daily submission limit.

7. Participants are allowed to use open-source code or tools. Any unpublished or unauthorized code or tools are prohibited.

8. All participants can use pretrained and open-source model weight, but are not allowed to use any additional dataset.

9. Participating teams can update the validation set results during the course of the contest. Submissions are limited to 1 time per day per team. The management system will update the ranking of the teams in real-time. Please note, if the sum of submission from any two teams exceeds the limit of submissions, these two teams cannot merge.


Ultra-high Resolution EM Images Segmentation Challenge


229 teams


Final Submissions