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2017 machine learning course
2017-04-08 - Launch
2017-06-11 - Team Merger Deadline
2017-06-10 - Close
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Rule Acceptance





1.     Every participant need register an account in biendata.com first. Display_name should be in the format “F_Student ID”(e.g., F_2016000000), there are no requests for user_name.
2.     The is a personal contest, participants cannot team up.
3.     All open source codes/tools are allowed, but any undisclosed or authorization-required codes/tools are not allowed.
4.     It is not allowed to use any external data other than the provided datasets.
5.     Participants can submit the results of test set at any time during the competition. At most 8 submissions a day is allowed and the rankings is updated in real time.
6.     The contest is only opened for Tsinghua machines learning (2017) students. Other users can only browse but can not submit. The dataset is available on Tsinghua Web Learning.
IMPORTANT: If the participant does not receive the corresponding notification email in the inbox, please check in the spam.

2017 machine learning course

343 participants


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