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(practice) Zhihu Machine Learning Challenge 2017
2017-08-16 - Launch
2018-01-19 - Team Merger Deadline
2017-11-16 - Close
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Rule Acceptance



1, All participants will join into teams in the administration system.

2, Each team will have 5 people at most. After the date of registration closure, the member list in a team cannot be changed. Only team consolidation is allowed.

3, Each team should nominate a team leader and propose a team name within 15 characters.

4, Each participant can only attend one team. Once the organizers identified that one participant registered more than 1 account and attend multiple teams, all related teams will be disqualified to participate in this contest.

5, Teams are allowed for consolidation before testing data is released. But no team dividing is allowed. The consolidated team shall not exceed the maximum team member amount of 5 people.

6, Open source codes and tools are allowed. Non-published or licensed codes or tools are not allowed.

7, No external data is allowed other than the data provided by the organizer.

8, Participated teams are allowed to submit forecasting results at any time during the contest period, 3 times at maximum per day.

9, Upon the time of awards, the organizer owns the right to use the submitted works from the awarded teams.

10, Anyone, students, and employees, domestic and abroad, are welcome to participate in the contest. Zhihu personnel (including permanent employee, augmented staff and interns) will not be accepted for the contest enrollment.

Important Reminder: If you do not receive the notification email in the mailbox, please check the Junk Mail just in case.

(practice) Zhihu Machine Learning Challenge 2017

514 participants


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