BAAI, MEGVII $20,000 649 Team698 participants
Objects365 Detection Challenge
2019-04-29 - Launch
2019-06-13 - Team Merger Deadline
2019-06-13 - Close
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Rule Acceptance





1. All participants need to sign-up in the management system;

2. Participants can form teams of up to 20 people. After the team merger deadline, teams are no longer allowed to change its participants.  Before the team merger deadline, teams are allowed to merge to one team of up to 20 people. Teams are not allowed to split or remove any existing member(s).


3. Each team will have a name of up to 15 characters and a designated leader;


4. Each participant can only be in one team. Any participant who joins multiple teams by signing-up multiple accounts will be instantly disqualified;


5. Participants are allowed to freely use any additional data set to train their models. When additional data is used, it must be clearly stated in the competition method.


6. The participating teams can upload the prediction results of the validation set at any time during the competition.


7. The participating teams can upload up to 5 predictions on the test set during the competition. Submitting results to the same team on different accounts will be considered cheating. Important


Attention: If the player does not receive the corresponding notification email in the inbox, please look in the spam box of your email.

Objects365 Detection Challenge


698 participants


Final Submissions