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KDD CUP of Fresh Air
2018-03-15 - Launch
2018-05-07 - Team Merger Deadline
2018-06-01 - Close
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This competition uses an API as a submitting entrance. With respect to the continuity of this event, we encourage participants to submit the results as they generate. Please see the following instructions:

1. Acquire your team token on 'My Team' page.
2. Download '' file from 'data' page. (The sample script is in python3, you can write your own script if you want to.)
3. Replace user_id and team token with your own.
4. Replace 'sample_submission.csv' with your own prediction file name. And make sure they are under the same folder.
5. Run the scricpt.

More details can be found here.

KDD CUP of Fresh Air


6491 participants


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