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Science of Science Data Hackthon
2019-06-08 - Launch
2019-07-11 - Team Merger Deadline
2019-06-11 - Close
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Dear participants,


Thank you very much for joining this competition. Unfortunately, we had some data leak problem in the previous test dataset. As a result, we build a new test dataset, and open a new test set submission portal. The file name of the new test set is final_testset_20190610.zip. We also create a new sample submission file final_sample_submission.csv. The url or the final leaderboard, which will decide the final winners, is https://biendata.com/competition/hackathon/final-leaderboard/  .


Due to this modification, the deadline of the competition is now changed to 11:00 AM, June 11 (Beijing time), and after 14:00PM, June 10 (Beijing time), each team can submit no more 30 times before the deadline.


Please accept our apologies, and we want to express our gratitude to the participant who pointed out the data leak.


Biendataw grateful






Science has emerged as a dominant engine of innovation for modern society. Moreover, its rich published traces allow us to understand, predict and guide its advance and utility like never before. Therefore the international conference on the Science of Science, jointly organized by Knowledge Lab at the University of Chicago, Tsinghua Joint Research Center for Knowledge and Intelligence, The University of Chicago Center in Beijing, will involve presentations by scientists, technologists, and scholars studying science from a wide range of perspective. This hackathon is also one part of the conference. The top 3 teams will be invited to give talks at the conference and win $5,737 prize.




Although the most state-of-art information of nature is normally presented in research papers, the general public can hardly learn from the academic format of media. Therefore, research institutes regularly publish press releases to introduce and explain their research papers. In this hackathon, participants are asked to match research papers and press releases which describe them.


Science of Science Data Hackthon


364 participants


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