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2018 Cloudwalk Headcount
2018-09-15 - Launch
2019-01-26 - Team Merger Deadline
2019-01-29 - Close
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2018/9/15: Competition starts. All participants can submit their predictions on the validation set and receive a score automatically calculated by the platform. Please note that the scores of this phase will not decide final leaderboard.


2018/12/15 2019/1/18: Phase II starts. All participants need to submit their model directly which will be later run by the platform. The results of this phase will decide the final rank. The test set won’t be released before the announcement of the final leaderboard.


2018/12/20 2019/1/28 23:59 (UTC Time): Phase II ends.





The total cash prize is 100,000 RMB.

Gold Medal (1st Place): 30,000 RMB.
Silver Medal (2nd and 3rd Place): 20,000 RMB, each team.
Bronze Medal (4th to 6th Place): 10,000 RMB, each team.



2018 Cloudwalk Headcount


1127 participants


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