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ByteCup Q&A(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q1: I'm unable to invite team members;

1. If the team member is unable to receive verification emails, please check the spam folder.

2. The members being invited must have registered in the system and joined the competition (by clicking "accept rules and join the competition"), otherwise you will receive an error message "user xxx hasn't participated in the competition";

3. The invitation link doesn't contain the text "manually" and the extra space at the end. Please note that when you are copying and pasting the link;

4. When clicking the invitation link, the members being invited must have logged in the system, or the website will jump to the login page;

5. When being invited, each member will have their own designated link. If the invitation link is clicked by another member, an error message will be shown.

6. If the link has been clicked, whether successfully passed the verification or doesn't fit the requirements for joining a team,the link cannot be used again. 


Q2: I submitted the data but it shows "wrong format"

1. There are 30,466 records in the verification set. Please add the header line when submitting your file.

2. There are 30,167 records in the test set. Please add the header line when submitting your file.


Q3: I can't submit or upload my file

1、Internet connection problem

     When the connection to the server is timed out, your submissions would get stuck on uploading. Please change the network and try it again.

2、The submission file name is too long

     There are the file-naming convention in page evaluation. If you don't follow the requirements and define the file name by yourself(All at your own risk.), you may not be able to submit sometimes because the file name is too long.


Final Evaluation Mechanism:


     Participants are required to submit their results on the testing data set oly. The uploaded file must respect the exact format as specified in the task description. Otherwise the submission will not be accepted.


     During the testing period, none of the prediction in the submitted file will be evaluated. Upon success submission, the score will always be -1.

3、Final Evaluation 

     After the submission deadline, every submission will be evaluated. Should one team submit multiple times, one best score will be selected as the team (testing) score. The final ranking will be base on the team (testing) score.


If have other questions, please send email to。



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